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The experts in Houston in Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation

We are a local remodeling company that has more than 10 years of experience! WE ARE BONDED, INSURED & HAVE REFERENCES AVAILABLE. Conveniently located near to you, we provide the best services in this nearby areas, surround. If you choose us, you will have a wide variety of materials, colors & sizes to fit your needs and objectives, as well as the perfect guidance to turn your ideas into reality. We will help you transform your house into your dream home!

Bathroom Remodeling Houston
Bathroom Remodeling Houston


Give to our clients 100% work satisfaction in Bathroom Remodeling Houston. Satisfying design, materials, deadline, labor & experience.

Quality labor
On time
100% Satisfaction


You can add value to your house

Home improvement projects cost about 20 to 25 cents on the dollar. The other 75 to 80 cents spent go directly back into the home through increased value.

Main reasons to choose us:

1- Improve your quality of life
2- Increases the surplus value of your house
3- We are professionals
4- We do the fast work
5- We only use quality materials
6- Skilled labor

Our Team

Our team has grown from two to many people, as our business model has adapted and grew up with us and developed over the years, since 2005. We are based in
Houston, Tx, but our team come from all over the world.


Permits for plumbing in Harris County.

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