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Bathroom Remodeling

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Shower Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

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    5 star review  A truly professional company to work with. I'm grateful for all the work done to my new home. Thank you so much PPR!

    thumb Katherine Jonson

    5 star review  I'm surprised by the professionalism of these guys working at my place. They are not the first company I have approached, but none of their ideas or offers attracted me. Thankfully, I got their Facebook page recommended on my suggestions. I guess I got lucky at finding such marvelous contractors. I am completely satisfied with my new master bathroom.

    thumb Steven Adams

    5 star review  The best contractor. Frank and his crew came mon thru fri 9 to six. They made my bathroom and it looks better than we expected. I highly recommended.

    thumb Walker Ray Higgins

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Shower Remodeling in Houston, Bathroom remodeling in CONROE, and Shower Remodeling in Magnolia, TX. Trust in us to make the necessary improvements to your bathroom. We are Quick, Professionals, Insured & Recommended.


Are you thinking on do some renovations to your bathroom? Probably re flooring, new cabinetry, vanities, fixtures, shower? Don´t think it no more. Right now is the best time to do it, and Premium Residential Remodeling is your best option. We can do the renovation of your whole shower in just one week. Would you like a tub instead the shower? Would you like the opposite? Or maybe just everything new and make the installation in other place? If you are in Houston call us now: (713)550-7614.

bathroom remodeling contractors
We are a 5 stars company. Ask to your neighbors.
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Why we are The Experts in Bathroom Remodeling in Houston? Because we can do your shower remodeling in seven days. Let us take care of your project. We can offer you warranty in all our works, plus we are bonded, insured and recommended by your neighbors… Ask them, probably some of them are already enjoying one of our bathroom remodeling, here in Houston.

Do you enjoy to take a bath but you don’t do it anymore because your bathroom doesn’t inspire you? We understand your needs, and we can help you out with your project. If You are in Houston Tx, trust in us to do your remodeling project.

In the other hand… are you a person who enjoy more take a shower? How long ago don’t you really enjoy a shower? Let your renovated shower seduce you again, enjoy your time before starting your day… or nothing better than take a bath after a long day. Our teams are capacitated to give you a completed remodeled bathroom in just one week, because we make the best baths in the planet.

We know all your needs, we are experts: The Remo Experts, that’s why we are your solution for bathroom remodeling. Have a new bran shower in just one week. Why have a contractor more time in your house? Or why have a construction zone at home more time? Tell us your project and we can make it reality in less time than you`ll need to pick the finishes. Plus our baths fits everywhere.

Remodeling is a fine art. We developed it after many years of experience, and after all this time, we became in experts remodeling bathrooms, in Houston nobody can do a bathroom remodeling better than us. We will do it for you in only one week, we will give you warranty and we are insured. We train our teams to performance the best job, so you can be happy with the results. Your bathroom remodeling will be done on time for a fair price. And your house wont look like a construction site for a long time.

Shower remodeling in just one week. Do you want more? We performance all works your bathroom requires: flooring cabinetry, fixtures, tub, shower, sink, windows, doors… Everything. Ask to your neighbors about us or read our Facebook reviews.

Shower Remodeling in Houston, Bathroom remodeling in Houston, and Shower Remodeling in Magnolia, TX. Trust in us to make the necessary improvements to your bathroom. We are Quick, Professionals, Insured & Recommended.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment. This is the first step to achieve your bathroom goal. The renovation starts when you call us and we give you a quote. Call Us Now! (713)550-7614

We can do your guests bathrooms and you can enchant your guest making them to enjoy staying at your place. They will love to coma back and visit you again as often you invite them.

We can also do your son/daughter bathroom remodeling, let them enjoy of the experience of having an amazing time when they are starting their day. In only one week they will enjoy to take a bath or a shower again. The best way to start a day.

What about the master bathroom, remodeling it could be a nightmare. Not with us. It´ll be ready before you can imagine. We had remodeling so many bathrooms in Houston area and we are experts, you will have a new brand bathroom on time for a fair price.

Aren´t you thinking only in the shower? We will do all the installation of all your new fixtures, we get you. If your work requires new flooring, we also can do it for you. New cabinets? Count on us. New Countertops? Yes, you know, the answer again is Premium Residential Remodeling, your best and fair price solution in Bathroom remodeling in Houston. New sink, new toilet? Still yes. Luxury bathrooms? Of course. 

We can go as far your project need. Special materials? We have a great numbers of providers who can offer you since the more common materials, til the more exotic and expensive ones.

Call us: bathroom remodeling contractors
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3516 T C Jester Blvd, Houston, TX 77018

The frameless shower door is a nice and functional deco in your new bathroom. Our providers also have a large catalogue. You only need to choose and we will do the installation for your bathroom remodeling. And don’t worry, we´ll match the handles with your shower, valve and faucets.

Probably you are looking into this website because one of your neighbors talked you about us. Probably you saw their shower renovation. Yes, we can do the same for you. If You are in Houston, and you are looking for a bathroom remodeling, we are your company, give us a call: Call Us Now! (713)550-7614, and let us be part of the solution of your renovation needs.

Probably as well, you are only thinking on replacement your tub, or relocate it. You are still in the right place. With our experience doing bathroom remodeling, we will help you out in your small project. We will think about that little stuff like: matching tiles, transitions, plumbing, moving or doing new walls, and make the installation correctly so you wont have any leaking problems in future.

Our coverage is an issue? Come to our offices and ask us for our insurance policy. We wont let you down. All our performed works have 1 year warranty, and this is another reason of why we are the best solution of bathroom remodeling in Houston. Remember, shower remodeling in just one week. Rebath with us.

So the only thing you need to remember is our 6 steps:

1 If you are thinking in Bathroom remodeling Houston, we are your best option

2 We can handle your Bathroom remodeling project in Houston, ON TIME

3 When you are looking for bathroom remodeling in Houston our company will help you out

4 Bathroom remodeling is our specialty, no one can do it better than us

5 If somebody recommend you a contractor for bathroom remodeling, they mean us.

6 Bathroom remodeling Houston, TX mean Premium Residential Remodeling. Give us a try and don’t get regret.

Call Us Now! (713)550-7614.

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