Remodeling the house: basic elements in interior design

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When planning to execute any type of construction at home, the skeleton under the surface of floors, ceilings and walls –such as pipes, joints, wires and cables– must be taken into account.

One of the most important elements is water, thus you should select the best water supply system for the house. You must determine the water needs that your family has; the ideal scenario is to be able to store four times the amount of water needed in a week. You could choose to have a single tank or several water tanks. Their ideal location is on the roof or underground. Additionally, you could install a rain tank to be able to collect rainwater.

The electrical system is the line that goes from an electrical pole to a meter in which the electrical use is recorded and continues to a circuit breaker panel, then goes to several wiring circuits through the different areas of the house supplying the service. Houses usually have two hot wires and a neutral wire; a hot wire and a neutral wire serve to light the house and supply the use of 120-volt appliances, while the three cables form a circuit to power large equipment such as air conditioners of 240-volt. Depending on the site where the house is located, one could also think of incorporating solar or wind energy systems.

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In addition, we can install one or more heating systems. This will depend on several factors such as the budget, the climate to which the house is exposed and the needs that each room has. You have to take the time to learn about what do the different types of heating systems offer in terms of efficiency and costs, as they could have a high impact on energy and maintenance bills.

In any case, when planning to do some construction work at home, a specialist in the matter must be contacted and the guidelines and rules established by the competent authorities must be followed, in this way risks and sanctions will be avoided.

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