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  • positive review  Premium Residential Remodeling did an amazing job for us, building out an entire media room above our garage (adding about 400 square feet to our floor plan), along with walling... read more

    Andrew Burns Avatar Andrew Burns

    positive review  Just wanted to throw this out there...cannot say enough wonderful things about Premium Residential Remodeling. Jerry Puente and his team are awesome. Finding the right contractor can be... read more

    Ann Stuffler Catron Avatar Ann Stuffler Catron

    positive review  We are very pleased with the remodel of our bathroom. Jerry and Frank know what they are doing and can turn your ideas into your dream space. The work was... read more

    Helene Shytle Avatar Helene Shytle

    positive review  PPR just completed a kitchen remodel, banister update and several other odd jobs in our home. Jerry and Frank were fantastic to work with and their crews were truly the... read more

    Kelly Eckstrom- Gomez Avatar Kelly Eckstrom- Gomez
  • positive review  The PRR team did a fantastic job remodeling my kitchen. They were very professional and efficient and reasonable. They were in and out quickly. They didn’t have any down... read more

    Rhonda Bousquet Picazo Avatar Rhonda Bousquet Picazo

    positive review  I rarely write reviews but I wanted to write one to talk about my great experience with Premium Residential Remodeling. Our early interactions with them I could tell that they... read more

    Nick Palacios Avatar Nick Palacios

    positive review  Splendid and flawless! These are the two words that can describe my excitement after I found out the final results of my bathroom renovation work that got completed just a... read more

    Ronald Jackson Avatar Ronald Jackson

    positive review  I was so worried about which company to hire as the contractor as I was planning for some great kitchen remodeling along with proper bath renovation. Thanks to PRR, I... read more

    Brian Thomas Avatar Brian Thomas
  • positive review  I'm surprised by the professionalism of these guys working at my place. They are not the first company I have approached, but none of their ideas or offers attracted me.... read more

    Steven Adams Avatar Steven Adams

    positive review  I don’t know if someone could have got the work executed in any better way. This company was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and it did not... read more

    Zoe Moore Avatar Zoe Moore

    positive review  The most professional and amazing contractors that I had the pleasure of experiencing in my life. I recommend this company to any person looking to upgrade their home environment!

    Lily Hall Avatar Lily Hall

    positive review  I have the most beautiful bedroom in the whole state thanks to this company. Marvelous and precise work, just what everyone needs!

    Ava Clark Avatar Ava Clark
  • positive review  They have some of the cleanest kitchens I've seen for remodeling purposes on their catalog. It is just what I wanted! Frank was so helpful when trying to decide which... read more

    Mia White Avatar Mia White

    positive review  A truly professional company to work with. I'm grateful for all the work done to my new home. Thank you so much PPR!

    Katherine Jonson Avatar Katherine Jonson

    positive review  PRR guys are awesome. They finised on time and did a good job. We are happy with the new kitchen.

    Rick Petterson Avatar Rick Petterson

    positive review  These guys were recommended to me by a member of my family. They always come out with creative solutions and the result is astoundingly good. I would use their services... read more

    Richard Cooper Avatar Richard Cooper
  • positive review  I asked for a price estimate last week. It was so cheap that I went on with it, kinda scared about it. They just completely changed my kitchen in a... read more

    Angela Lindson Avatar Angela Lindson

    positive review  I made a complete remodeling of my house with these guys. It looks beautiful now. I would definitely recommend Premium Residential Remodeling with my eyes closed.

    Andrew Martinez Avatar Andrew Martinez

    positive review  Frank and Jerry helped me out by remodeling both of my bathrooms. The result is awesome! I recommend them if you need to remodel your house. They're nice and professional... read more

    Maxwell Dunker Avatar Maxwell Dunker

    positive review  Frank and his team were recommended by a member of my family, and I do not regret the decision I made. When it comes to your home, you should know... read more

    Betty Foster Avatar Betty Foster
  • positive review  The best contractor. Frank and his crew came mon thru fri 9 to six. They made my bathroom and it looks better than we expected. I highly recommended.

    Walker Ray Higgins Avatar Walker Ray Higgins