Our Team

Medi Kuzmina, Sales Manager

Medi Kuzmina

She is a leading consultant of Premium Residential Remodeling ready to help to improve your house.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Frank Puente

Founder of PRR. He is a NARI certified project manager with several years of experience on construction and renovation projects. He leads the teams and oversees the crews.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Jose Tejeda

Exceptional leadership, adept at coordinating remodel projects, ensuring precision, and delivering top-notch results.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Jose Millan

Diligent and efficient, skilled in renovation management, consistently exceeding expectations.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Jose Moreno

Renovation specialist with a knack for detail, leading a crew to transform spaces with finesse.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Omar Alvarado

Craftsmanship at its finest, a master of woodwork, creating stunning structures with precision and creativity.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Carlos Reyes

Artistry with a brush, transforming surfaces into works of art, unmatched in painting and staining mastery.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Luciano Hernández

Stone sculptor extraordinaire, shaping granite with finesse, crafting timeless pieces of beauty.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Anselmo Soto

Decades of framing expertise, building sturdy foundations and structures, a pillar of reliability.

Frank Puente General Contractor

Alex Bárcenas

Electrical virtuoso, ensuring safe and efficient power solutions, a journeyman with unmatched expertise.

Our team has grown a lot since we started, most of our crews have been with us for 5 years and our business model has adapted to new trends and technology over the years. Our offices / showrooms are located around Houston, Texas, though our team members are from all over the world offering a wide variety of options. 

Premium Residential Remodeling are two brothers, Jerry and Frank. A local company certified, with the same experienced crew of more than 5 years. Who invest into their staff with in time education. 


Are you thinking on doing some house renovations? Maybe its reflooring, new cabinetry, vanities, fixtures, showers or
adding some outdoor features, maybe a space conversion… Today is always a great day to make that decision and Premium
Residential Remodeling is your best option! We are known for having an outstanding customer service, so we will
always be there for you to answer all your questions and to make everything easier.


We are certified by NARI and NAMC!
If you are in Houston call us now: 

(713) 550 – 7614.

Why are we Houston’s experts in Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling? Because we are focused on the residential side only and have plenty of experience. 

Let us to take care of your project. We offer a warranty for all our work, plus we are 100% insured… We have remodeled more than 100+ homes around the Houston area a year!
With more than 15 years of experience in the remodeling business, we understand your needs, and can guide you through the whole process, from listening to your ideas, to bringing them to reality and transforming your space!
Trust a local company like us!
We have very competitive prices!
We are 100% INSURED.
We also have plenty of reviews on Facebook and Google, most of them with pictures of the project process!
Our shower remodel service only takes about 1 week to be completed.

bathroom renovation before and after pictures
Bathroom renovation before and after pictures

We perform with high quality materials and customer service only… and complete the job sooner than most of the other
We work in Houston, Texas, and suburbs such as Sugar Land, Magnolia, Tomball, Creekside, Spring, Augusta Pines,
Auburn Lakes, Cypress, Oak Ridge, Conroe, The Heights and more!
Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We promise to make the process easier and faster for you. Call Us Now!
(713) 550-7614

bathroom renovation before and after pictures
Bathroom renovation before and after pictures

One of our services, with higher demand; is turning attics into living spaces, such as bedrooms, media rooms,
entertainment rooms with kitchenettes, extra storage, or if the space is big enough… a whole mini apartment. These
will all increase the value of your home!

bathroom renovation before and after pictures

We also remodel bedrooms, master or secondary, by changing its design and making it customizable to the residents
We are aware that renovating projects can be a nightmare, but we are proud to say that we are the exception. The
transformation will be ready before you can imagine!

bathroom renovation before and after pictures
Bathroom renovation before and after pictures

Call Us Now! (713) 550-7614
The Best Remodeling Service in Houston, Texas and suburbs such as Sugar Land, Magnolia, Tomball, Creekside,
Augusta Pines, Spring, Imperial Oaks, Auburn Lakes, Cypress, Oak Ridge, Conroe, The Heights and more!
We are Quick, Professional, Insured & Recommended. Check out our social media reviews!