How to decorate a small foyer

Some homeowners are lucky to have a large and stylish main entrance with a huge coat closet and a lavish bench; however, there are those who are stuck with a small foyer that they do not know how to take advantage of. The foyer of any property is like its presentation card, this is the place where visitors can get a taste of your style and your personality… Moreover, it creates the first impression of your home, so do not give up on it just because square meters are lacking. It is true, the decoration of any tight space can be complicated, but developing a creative and functional foyer is possible.

This area might be small, but any entryway will instantly be more functional if you add one or two pieces of furniture. Go for clear tables and chairs to avoid crowding the space visually; glass and clear acrylic will do the job while look modern. For instance, a glass console table offers a timeless look and lets you have somewhere to put the car keys in the same place every day, you could pair it with an ottoman bench upholstered with faux leather or a fabric that goes with the aesthetic of your house. In addition, a cheaper and more space-saving option is to install shelves made out of wood or other materials.

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Coats need to be hanged so a good alternative when storage is insufficient or non-existing is a coat rack. Some coat rack options can have an integrated mirror; multifunctional pieces are a must when we are designing for a petite area. Wall hooks are also a nice and budge-friendly alternative.

Do not be afraid of adding artwork, family photos or having a chandelier or other type of light fixture. This is a way to aggregate something to look at to make the mind forget about the size of the room. In general, try to style the foyer with pieces that have a size that is proportional to the place.

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