The multifunctional ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are mostly seen in bathrooms and kitchens, and this is thanks to them being easy to clean, their resilience to impacts and their durability through time. Other advantages include their resistance to mold and mildew and their long-lasting colors. There is an immense variety of designs and formats and the costs vary depending on the type and the brand you select.

There are ceramic tiles for both the walls and the floor, as well as for indoor and outdoor use. Wall ceramics are thinner and have a smoother surface than floor tiles. On the other hand, floor ceramics are more resistant to abrasive liquids and are texturized to make them non-slip.

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Ceramics are classified according to the area where they will be located. There are low-traffic ceramics that are intended for interior use, for example, in bedrooms; moderate-traffic ceramics are used in places like bathrooms; regular-traffic ones may be situated in zones where they will suffer wear and tear –like the kitchen; high-traffic options are for places where a lot of hustle and/or environmental factors are frequent; and, finally, intense-traffic tiles are better off for commercial places.

When selecting the design of the tile it is very important to consider its format: the larger each piece is, the fewer joints you will get –this will offer the appearance of continuity and uniformity. White is the most recommended color for the walls as it will definitely give a sense of amplitude and luminosity to any small room. You can, of course, add a few pops of color with tiles that have different patterns or designs.

Ceramic is a material has a wide range of uses. As we previously mentioned, they are often found in a kitchen’s backsplash or a bathroom’s shower, but have you thought about using tiles for the fireplace or the patio’s floor? Installing ceramics can be great for a weekend project; nonetheless, it is preferable to hire a specialist who will do the job in the blink of an eye with amazing and professional results.

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