Remodeling the house: carpet fibers

As we know, carpets are more popular than hardwood or ceramic floors because of their wide range of colors, prices, cuts and fibers. Wool and nylon are the most luxurious and most popular choices, respectively. However, there are other fibers such as olefin, acrylic, polyester and triexta.

Olefin (polypropylene) is a synthetic material used to make different articles, including carpets. This material dries very quickly and for that reason at first it was meant to be used for carpeting outdoor spaces and places like basements where a lot of mildew and moisture is present, but it is now being used for other parts of the house for its obvious durability. Olefin can be cheaper than nylon or polyester, but it is not meant to be placed in high-traffic spaces as its resistance to other factors is the reason why people use it for spaces like the basement.

Acrylic or art wool carpets are another kind that is meant to be used for commercial spaces. These became popular in the 1960s and are made out of acrylonitrile (clear plastic). It is an alternative to wool carpets thanks to its similar feel and appearance, but in some ways is more resistant than wool because of its resilience to soil, static and mildews. Nonetheless, acrylic carpets might not always be as durable as wool because art wool can become fuzzy and stains easily with grease or oil.

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Polyester carpets are a good option for low traffic places (as it can get a bit dirty with soil) and it is cheaper than nylon. Finally, triexta fiber is the newest fiber used in carpets. This material was considered a type of polyester because they have the same “chemical root”, but nowadays is considered as a subclass of polyester. Nevertheless, triexta is different than polyester: it has a matte look (unlike polyester which is shinier and offers more vibrant colors). Triexta carpets do not absorb water, meaning that they are hydrophobic. Also, it is softer than nylon and polyester.

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