Remodeling the house: shelves

Most people accumulate objects over time or become collectors. The arrangement of decorative objects has a lot to do with the arrangement, color, shape, proportion and structure that contribute to having a wonderful result.
There are no fixed rules for displaying objects, however in general terms they will look better if they are grouped instead of scattered; Everything will depend on your taste and your sense of space, perhaps your favorite piece will look exquisite if it is illuminated and exhibited individually.

The shelves are extremely useful for displaying your books, but it would be almost a waste to use them only as booksellers. He could alternate his books with the decorative objects, although trying to avoid that the books are inclined, because they would finish with the visual effect that is wanted to obtain, the vertical divisions avoid that this happens.
The shelves have varied shapes and sizes, this makes it possible to make divisions adjusted to what you want to display. The bottom of the shelves can be painted in different colors, as long as they harmonize with the rest of the room; If it is a shelf that is not attached to the floor, you may be able to take advantage of the piece of free wall to place paintings symmetrically.

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The shelf can have divisions with the adequate space to exhibit each piece, making each division a small showcase.
In general, the shelves are made of wood to support the weight of the books. However, the shelves could be made of glass to exhibit decorative objects. Being glass, they look less “heavy” at first view. If clear shelves are placed against a dark background and illuminated properly, all objects will have a special and striking touch. Illuminated shelves visually break the wall and make objects look like they are on a stage.

As a last advice, we say that if contemplating your collection of decorative objects and books no longer feels the same pleasure, then dare to change their position or place.

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