Remodeling the kitchen: how to have a farmhouse look in the kitchen

Rustic decoration can be found beyond the countryside. Many people seek to have a farmhouse décor because it gives any space a homely feel. You can also have this style in your kitchen and we give you some tips to help you out.

An easy way to get this style is having reclaimed wood (or simply wood / butcher) countertops. Reclaimed wood and butcher countertops give warmth to the kitchen and are easy to clean, but can be stained by water or other products and have scratches over time… Though having a few imperfections adds more to that farmhouse feeling, but you can always fix any scratch by resealing the surface if you prefer a smooth surface. Wooden breakfast tables add up to the overall look as well. You can also cover appliances like the hood (if you have one) with barn wood… If you cannot find this kind of material then any type of wood with purplish burgundy tones will work just as well.

If you have ceiling beams in a place like the living room do not be afraid to leave them uncovered in the kitchen as well. This might costs a few extra dollars, so an alternative for this is to opt for foam beams… There are manufacturers that make light and durable foam ceiling beams that have a natural wooden look.

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Choose your colors right. Grey with blue and purple undertones is one of the most used colors in farmhouse kitchens and red with cold dyes is also very frequent. You can also pick more pastel colors like buttermilk yellows and cloud whites to break the cool-toned scheme.

Finally, apron front sinks are also known as farmhouse sinks for a reason. This is the detail that completes this style. Apron front sinks are made of enameled cast iron or fireclay… Both materials are very resistant thanks to modern technology. The classiest (and cheapest) color for this type of sink is white.

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