The top 10 tips to remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any house. It has always been the place where families get together to celebrate special events in the lives of beloved ones or just to cook and eat breakfast before a day full of work. Even if the kitchen is on the smaller side it definitely is a space that brings families together. In addition, this area can reveal the style and the lifestyle of a family or individual; if they prefer to keep things traditional or be a bit more audacious. Even if your kitchen is small or spacious there are some things to keep in mind to have a functional a safe area. Here are our ten tips to do so.

The permits

Make sure you have the right permits to remodel your kitchen if you live in a country that requires you to have an official document that allows you to change things in the house. On the other hand, if you live in a rented place make sure you ask your landlord if it is okay to modify the place (and be sure to think if a remodeling is worth it inside a rented house or apartment).

The contractor

Be sure to contact a professional contractor. If the entire space is going to be remodeled, then you have to make sure to hire someone who is a licensed contractor to avoid unsafe electrical repairs or tiles that are wrongly installed.

The illumination

One of the items that  don’t often pay attention to is the illumination of the space. Recessed lighting is the most aesthetically pleasing options for any space (not only the kitchen). Also, LED lights can make the space look cleaner and bigger while saving money on the electricity bill. Try to place the lights of the space where you most need them to clearly see what you are doing and avoid accidents: on the stove, sink and the workspace you use to cut the vegetables.


Whether you like the industrial style or minimalism, a kitchen with plenty of space is key. Try to take advantage of every wall inside the kitchen to add storage and add the cabinets that best suit your house and style. Cabinets with lighter colors will make the place look bigger while dark ones will add a modern touch to it. If you do not want to change the cabinets that you have now then paint them!

Durable surfaces

Durable surfaces are always the choice of those who plan to stay in a place for a long period of time. However, materials like granite countertops can be a bit expensive. For this reason options like laminates, wood or modern tiles for the workspace are the option for those who are on a budget.

On the other hand, ceramic is the th best way to have a easy-to-clean backsplash. Some might think this option is old-fashioned, but nowadays there are many designs to choose from.

The flooring. For a smaller budget vinyl flooring is a great option. These are easy to clean and easy to install. In addition, tiles are the conventional choice because these are still very easy to clean, but more durable than vinyls. Finally, for those who like to save the environment, cork flooring is ideal.

Distribution of the space

One of the first decisions is the distribution of the kitchen. Do not be afraid to remove interior walls to have an open concept kitchen if you find it too small. Try to locate the appliances in the right spots. For example, place the sink in front of a window if you are going for a traditional style (and to receive favorable natural light).

Talking about appliances, plan the distribution of them very carefully because the fridge’s door can end up hitting the island (if you have one). Everything should be placed to have fluent access to everything in the area.

The stove

Choose a stove that fit your needs. A gas stove is great option if the house has that type of installation and helps keep a low electricity bill. Furthermore, high-end smoothtops add a touch of glamour while being functional. You can also add a kitchen extractor to ventilate the smoke while cooking.

The colors

As mentioned before, darker colors are very stylish if you go for a minimalist, industrial or traditional style. Also, lighter colors like beige give homey feeling. Try to choose color combinations that match the rest of your house to have a feeling of consistency.

Try to choose wisely. Even if you think you could be remodeling your kitchen in a few years, do not get a color that you think might feel outdated in a decade

Other kitchen appliances

Try to have appliances that have multiple uses; this way, you will not overcrowd your the space with purposeless gadgets.

Working space

A great way to have a lot of working space is to add in an island. If your kitchen is not that spacious an island with wheels to move it around when needed. This can also be a way to add more room to keep everything in its place and can work as a breakfast bar.

In conclusion, try to do small things yourself to add a personal touch to the space, re-use objects to stay within the budget.

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